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how to set up voicemail on tracfone


If you have contracted Tracfone’s mobile service, you can configure your voice mail service simply by following our tutorial and using your mobile phone. Currently, voicemail is only available to users who have digital models of Tracfone.

Set up Voicemail on Tracfone

1. Keep the «number 1» key pressed on your Tracfone.

Your mobile will dial it and you will access the Tracfone voicemail system.

2.Choose the language you want for your voicemail:

Press «1» to set up voice mail in English.
Press «2» to configure the voice mail in Spanish.

3. Press the «# key» to confirm the selection of the language you have chosen.

4. Enter a 4-digit password for your voicemail at the time they ask for it.

This password will be the one you permanently use for your Tracfone voicemail.

If you want to change your Tracfone voicemail password at any time of your Tracfone service, call the Tracfone Customer Service Center: 1-800-867-7183, to speak with an operator.

5. Press the «# key» to confirm the Tracfone voicemail password.


6.Choose the option that you like to say hello in the voice mail.

Press «key 1» to choose the standard Tracfone voicemail greeting.
Press «key2» to record your name for the greeting of your voicemail.
Press «key 3» to record your own personalized voicemail greeting.

7. Record your greeting when you hear the tone and press the «key #» when you finish.

8. Listen to your recorded greeting and press the «key #» to confirm.

Press the » key * » to return and record your greeting, if you are not satisfied with the one you recorded.

9.Press the «Finish» key on your Tracfone to end the call. Your Tracfone voicemail is ready to be used.